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About Your Photographer

Ms. Ashley Armstrong, native of Eastern North Carolina is a single mother of two boys. She wears many hats to include- Super Mom, Teacher of the Juvenile Delinquent Population, Mental Health Professional- Compliance Investigator of Fraud, Custom Jewelry Consultant and Photographer. She has always protected those less fortunate and desires to see those she meet striving to live their Best Life. She began her journey as a professional photographer in May 2014 after the completion of a digital imagery and correction course through her local community college. She is very outgoing, friendly, loves to try new things and always on the go!  Everything she do is  to the Glory of God.  She walks in the Spirit of EXCELLENCE. Living a healthy and active life is very important to her. Her understanding that perfection is not an earthly quality she is open minded and always willing to learn and grow. Photography provides her with an outlet to be creative and provide a service to those who confide in her to capture their special moments. To tell their Story, to capture the smiles and emotions of a day that will fade into the night to only be revisited through the Art of Photography.  

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